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As I spend my days writing my new book titled Vitality Knocks, along with writing blogs, various social media entries and creating exciting new development programs; I always like to take a step back and reflect on the creative structure of the writing process. My insightful colleague and publisher, Sheri Andrunyk, mentioned how she was in a blog tour to help other authors with their writing process experience. I was more than pleased to offer my experiences in the hope of assisting others.

Thank you, Sheri, for your wisdom and assistance with my writing journey!

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Sheri is President of IC Publishing and has a proven track record for helping many authors with writing and publishing.

With YIJ Group of Companies, I need to be really focused and yet still allow time for creativity. I manage my day with various activities including: running my own business in coaching, hypnotherapy, teaching, travel, public speaking and then, to top things off I add in the writing process!

Focus/ Multi-tasking/ Creativity

Is there such a thing?

Here I go…..

1)    What am I working on?

I am presently focusing on two big projects—my new book coming out this autumn called Vitality Knocks, as well as my new webinar B.E.L.I.E.V.E Goals setting coming out in May.

The process for creating both of these projects are somewhat similar yet creatively different.

Vitality Knocks is a fiction novel full of life lessons.  This is such an exciting process as I bring life to Vitality, the main character, that the majority of us can relate to. I am enjoying the writing process immensely since it is such a fun-filled book!

Creating my webinar The B.E.L.I.E.V.E Goal-Setting has been a fascinating process as it translates what I have organized and accomplished in the hands-on workshops, as well as, in destination learning retreats. It has been an remarkable journey since I want to ensure that I deliver the same value and experience in goal setting and life changing programs. So far my trial runs have been getting rave reviews, truly positive experiences and results.

I enjoy writing and sharing my expertise with others through my book, blogs, and development programs. I love to see others shine.

        2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I believe that what you write has to be simple, a lesson to be learned or fun. My development programs to blogs to my book all offer this. We all have our writing skills and stories and it depends on what resonates with the reader and what the reader is looking for. For me, my message needs to be easy for a reader to access, understand, relate and know there is validity to it.

         3)    Why do I write what I do?

I love to share my knowledge.

I have so much training and life experiences that can help others. In my practice, I am able to use one-on-one coaching with someone and then translate those experiences into writing which in turn can help many more.

With my book Vitality Knocks, I choose to write a fiction story based on life lessons that would entertain. Many of my clients have “limiting beliefs” which acts as a restraint and is also related to sleeping problems. My novel is about a character that most readers will be able to relate to since she lives through a positive life lesson. It is most common that people will read at night before bed, and with this in mind, the positive messages in my novel will hopefully transmit into the subconscious of the reader and he/she will have more nights of sound sleep and ultimately, a happier life. But of course, the readers will also have fun reading!

And finally, as I write all of my development programs, I do so in order for others to hopefully realize their true root success and dreams.

For me, helping others and assisting them in reaching their goals gives me the satisfaction and realization that I am also fulfilling my own dreams.

       4)    How does my writing process work?

My creative process is kind of crazy. I allow myself a short time to just write thoughts and ideas on paper. I am the only one that can make sense of it and it works for me. It enables the creative side of my brain.

Once I brainstorm all of my thoughts, I then start adding structure to them. First I MAP out what and where I want to go with these ideas and set a timeline. I get deeper into the project and make sure that my first message is clear, simple, that there is a lesson to be learned and ultimately, that it is fun.

My last chapter for Vitality Knocks will be from my experience on the Camino Trail hike in Spain. I will be leading a group of 10 people on the inspirational experience on June 2nd, 2014 and then, the last chapter will be created. I believe that travel opens the doors to many new things. One being self- discovery. This is why I personally use travel as one of my outlets and workshop experiences.

Travel is an inspirational journey, for sure! I will certainly add many more travel journeys in the years to come…

The key to writing is to be real and keep focused. MAP out a plan and have fun with it.

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Yes, in answer to the above. You can have focus, creativity while multi-tasking. Find out what works best for you and enjoy where the process takes you.

Inspire your world and Empower your life

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