Navigating the Writing Path: Start to Finish

I am very glad and honored to have been asked to participate in the IC Publishing Blog Tour. Thank you, Sheri  Andrunyk, for giving me the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience in this tour.

The following link takes you on a journey through my writing path for my blogs, seminars, programs and my book, Vitality Knocks releasing Fall 2014.

How do you start your writing projects?

When I am given a writing project, usually my inspiration will initially derive from a single thought.  Believe it or not most of my greatest ideas come from my dreams. If I decide to work with one of my dream notions, I will develop it by keeping notes.  Journaling your thoughts and combining them with a dash of fiction and a sprinkle of theory, typically is the recipe for a new concept or inspiration.

The next step in my writing process is to then develop a timeline to complete the writing project.  This is an element that I teach my clients in the Goal Setting seminars and Coaching sessions that emphasizes flexibility with creativity and focus.

 All of these steps are fundamental in the success of my writing projects!

 How do you continue your writing projects?

 It is sometimes difficult to continue and see writing projects through to the end, however, timelines are the best strategy that I put in place to stay focused and to achieve my goals.  Also, keeping motivated and finding a special place where I do my writing is also important to me.  Another thing that I do is make sure I eliminate all other distractions so once I have my writing and creative juicesflowing that I can stay focused.

Naturally, there are times that I get sidelined and I have to make up the lost time another day.  I always make note of the things that distract me avoid them the next time I sit down to write. Again, having a coach is helpful here if you find you get sidetracked too often.

 How do you finish your project?

When I have finished writing the project, my next step is to do  reviews and edit.  When I am in the creative zone, I don’t always pay close attention to grammar and spelling.  It’s essential to me that even with the corrections made, that my true voice can still be heard clearly.  Then it is a good idea to let the project go.  Release it by sharing it with others.  Empowering them is the greatest feeling and it gives my life purpose.  It feels wonderful to share and inspire those who might need it so I enjoy sharing. Share your work and don’t hold back. Let that creativity you have put to paper inspire others.

 TIP- Blog group is a wonderful collective community for like-minded positive people.  It is the best place to be with positive people where we all encourage each other and bring our resources together.  I have programs with my company YIJ Group to empower professionals alike.

 Happy Writing

 Anita Heidema/ 


Passing the Pen

I am pleased to introduce Analena Rebelo and her Writing Blog releasing July 2. Welcome Analena

Analena Rebelo is a REALTOR® with Royal LePage Your Community Realty and the author of Getting To SOLD. She firmly believes that each real estate transaction is unique, and she strives to provide her clients with exceptional service, tailored to their specific needs.


Twitter: @analenarebelo 


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